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Mark Your Calendar!

#GivingHANDSday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a once-a-year opportunity to demonstrate our love for Little Hands Can through generosity.  We would love to meet our fundraising goal for this year in a single day, but we need your help!

Your donations will help us continue to run our programs and allow everyone in our community to access them for free.  By supporting us this #GivingHANDSday, you are helping to empower and inspire a more giving youth. And, the more children we inspire to become civic-minded, kind-hearted, compassionate leaders, the better we make our community and the world.

Set an alert on your phone, put a reminder on your calendar along with all of your and/or your kids’ November activities, and we'll "see" you on Tuesday, November 27th.  Thank you for helping us help others!

How can you donate on #GivingHANDSday?

1.  Donations will be collected primarily through Facebook, because they do not charge a fee.  100% of your donation goes directly to Little Hands Can, thus making the biggest difference! Head to the Facebook Fundraising page HERE! 

2.  Alternatively, you can send a check (made out to Little Hands Can) to:

Little Hands Can

PO Box 70412

Springfield, OR 97475 

3.  Or donate via our website HERE.