If you are interested in coming to a Little Hands Can event with your child(ren), please see our events page for more information on upcoming events and don't forget to register (if needed)!  The following information is meant for adults and teens seeking to volunteer in a more involved, consistent way with Little Hands Can.

Little hands can do a lot, but we need some big hands to help too.  We are always in need of volunteers.  We also want to ensure the safety of all our little hands so we provide training to our volunteers and may require a background check based on volunteer's roles.

Our current volunteer needs are listed below.  Click on any title for a more detailed description of volunteer responsibilities and to fill out an application.

Sign up for our volunteer list for short and simple at-home projects:

It takes a lot of people to run a nonprofit like Little Hands Can and any extra help is always welcome and appreciated. We have created a Volunteer List sign up form. If you are interested in occasionally helping us with small take-home projects please sign up and we will periodically call you to ask for assistance. If you are not available, no worries, we will simply call again another time that is convenient. Any help makes a huge difference. Thank you so much for considering!

Want to volunteer with Little Hands Can but not in the roles listed above?

Please fill out the following form and we'll get in touch.

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Volunteer Handbook and Volunteer Agreement

All volunteers, please read the Volunteer Handbook and sign the Volunteer Agreement below.

Please read the Volunteer Handbook in its entirety and then fill out the Volunteer Agreement below acknowledging your intent to follow the principles and policies listed in the Handbook as well as to accept the Release and Waiver of Liability Form included in the Volunteer Handbook.  If you would like to sign on a physical copy, please print off the Volunteer Handbook, sign where needed, and return to the Executive or Managing Directors.  All volunteers must complete this before starting volunteer work with Little Hands Can.