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Praise from the community:


1. In 2018, with the help of countless school groups, church groups, friends of Little Hands Can, and other community members, we completed close to 700 holiday cards for those utilizing the services at the Eugene Mission and Shelter Care.  As we were promoting this project on social media, we had two people reach out to us about it:

"I was homeless 3 years ago for about 3 or 4 months, and I stayed at the Mission.  These beautiful little touches realy mean a lot when you are homeless and leaving abusive situations.  It renews your faith that things will be ok and people do care about you.  It is wonderful!" —Tracy

“Having been homeless as well, I can also say it's little things like that that mean so much and that so many take for granted." —Jeff

2. “Seeing my daughter so excited to be involved with service at such a young age has been incredible. She loves learning how she can help others!” —Emily M.

3. “Since my children and I started attending Little Hands Can events, they are more compassionate towards those with special needs, feel comfortable around people from all backgrounds and ages and take pride in their community.  Whether they are admiring the flowers they planted at a local park or making one of the residents at Happy Helpers laugh, they are incredibly proud of the work that they do.  LHC has changed our family for the better.” — LHC Participant since 2017

4. After our Paint the Whale event in June 2019, we received the following comment: “What an amazing and super fun event!!  So grateful to all who put their efforts forth in making this event such a wonderful event for our children!!  A huge thanks to all the planning and helping hands 🖐🏻🤚🏼🖐🏿🤚🏻🤚🏾who took part to make this an absolute blast for our children to hold as a forever memory💕 Thank you bunches from our family!!  We look forward to visiting these beautiful works of art here all summer!!☺️” -Heather


1. In the winter of 2018, a few of the Directors of Little Hands Can were chatting with the staff at Waterford Grand, one of our partner organizations, after a particularly inspiring Happy Helpers service activity.  One of the residents was a former host for an American children’s television series.  An aide who knows her commented that this was the most delighted and animated he had seen her since she arrived at Waterford Grand 9 months prior.  Through tear-filled eyes, he said she is on hospice now and has not been very lively, but on this particular day, interacting with the children and seeing them dance to music,  she displayed a joyful side of herself that he had not seen before.  We all agreed that this was a beautiful and powerful reminder that little hands really can make positive and powerful change.

2. “We appreciate Little Hands Can and Happy Helpers is always one of the brightest highlights of our week! We love everything you do and stand for!” —Chrystal C.

Our Learning Leaders teachers are loving the kids and are thrilled to be reaching a population of children that don't typically access our programs and curriculum in any of our other settings.  

"I am so proud of the awesome projects these kids have done and the thoughtful conversations they have had with each other on a wide range of really important issues from school shootings, to homelessness, to immigration. They have made posters to educate their classmates about endangered animals, world peace, racism and how to care for the environment. They have written to the president of the United States, State Representatives, and the Mayor of Eugene and some students even received replies! They have made toys for dogs in shelters, blankets for kids in foster care, and first aid kits for the homeless. I am most proud of the way they have practiced their powers of observation, creativity, and self-advocacy to think about what problems exist in the world around them and what actions they themselves can take to work on them." —Maria B., Learning Leaders Teacher


1. “I so enjoyed spending time with your Kindness Camp kids.  You are doing such a special thing there.  Encouraging kindness and thoughtfulness in children is truly a gift to the world.  We need more of that these days.” —Becky S., Bags of Love

2. “Addi had a wonderful week at Kindness camp through Little Hands Can with Ashley Bohanan! Here is a synopsis of some of the activities they did. She loved it and can’t wait to go next year. I would highly recommended this camp for your kids next summer!” -Destry


1. “Thank you so much for coming to Ridgeline Montessori tonight. My son said it was the best day ever! It was such a pleasure to work with you and I hope we can again soon.” -Heather, Ridgeline Montessori

2. “This [service project and partnership with LHC] was seriously so fun. Thank you so much for coming to our school. Everyone had a great time!” -Amanda, Ridgeline Montessori