Simple Service: Learning Empathy

There are many ways to get kids involved. Whether that's using their hands to help, their hearts to heal, their words to uplift, or their minds to learn. This evening we opted for some education to get them involved in their community. 

There was an awesome event going on in our city- "Forced to Flee." It was a mock refugee camp with stations where real refugees taught us about what it's like to flee and how life is in a camp. 

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Simple Service: Happy Memorial Day!

Service Project: Show respect at your local cemetery

Prep time: None

Cost: Free

Duration: Up to you!

Memorial Day holds a special place in my heart because of the memories created when I was just a kid. 

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, my mom would pile the five kids in my family into our Dodge Ram Van and we'd make the five hour road trip from our home outside Seattle to Tillamook, OR. We'd meet our cousins at the local cemeteries and we'd work hard to clean our ancestors graves. This annual tradition was more than just a weekend away. Many important life lessons were taught to me in those Tillamook graveyards.

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Simple Service: Memorial Day

I love holidays and celebrations. People give service during certain holidays such as Christmas, but I've also found that there are creative ways to give back and teach children during the seemingly small holidays as well. Here are some ideas from the recent celebrations.

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Simple Service: Thanking a Teacher

Teachers are some of the most important people in our child’s lives and it is so important to recognize the impact they have on these little lives.  Not only is this an act of service for your little ones to do but it also teaches the important of thank you cards, which is something that will carry through their entire lives.    

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