Simple Service: Crisis Center Donations

Simple Service:  Crisis Center Donations

My children and I have a heart for community service.  We have a continual “list” of what we want to do running through our minds.  Who can we help?  How can we help?  This list frequently comes up in conversations when we are together...mainly in the van and at the dinner table.  We discuss how we can help brighten someone’s day, and begin with some loose plans. It’s fun to share our ideas as a family. Over the last couple years, the three of us have each left a piece of our heart at our local not-for-profit children’s crisis center.

Simple Service: Everyone's a Writer

Simple Service:  Everyone's a Writer

Box of Balloons founder and children’s book author, Nicole Moll, has been traveling around to local school districts sharing about the nonprofit and the book writing process. Each week students in schools across the country are learning to write. Preschoolers are learning to write their first words, kinders are discovering the magic of reading and upper elementary students are being challenged to add in more descriptive words and lengthen their paragraphs. All of this learning and work is our future of writing, our future authors are being molded and future books are being created.

Simple Service: In-School Service

Simple Service:  In-School Service

Little Hands Can has had the opportunity over the last month to form a wonderful positive partnership with Coburg Community Charter School for their Skill Days. The Little Hands Can Skill Days activities have provided students the opportunity to grow their skills of kindness and generosity towards themselves and others.  Each day focused on a different pillar of giving, which was paired with a hands-on service project.  This program seeks to empower and inspire children to better their community and to become our next generation of civic-minded leaders. I was so inspired by these Kindergarten, first, and second-graders’ generous hearts and genuine eagerness to learn about giving, as well to help others. Here’s what we did:

Simple Service for YOU: Help LHC Compile Refugee School Kits!

Simple Service for YOU:  Help LHC Compile Refugee School Kits!

We recently learned that a group affiliated with the Refugee Resettlement Coalition assembles school kits and relief kits to send to refugee camps overseas, through the Mennonite Central Committee. On April 30, 2019, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to assemble some of these kits through LHC’s Happy Helpers Program. Here’s where YOU come in! Over the next two months, we will be collecting supplies for these school kits, in addition to having volunteers sew bags to pack the supplies in.

Here are two ways you can help: