Activity for YOU this 2018 Holiday Season

Activity for YOU this 2018 Holiday Season

Those of you who have followed Little Hands Can over the years know that each year we make Holiday Cards to go on the pillow of every person at the Eugene Mission. The Eugene Mission typically has 300-500 people staying there on Christmas Eve. That's a lot of cards!

We rely on school groups, church groups, clubs families and other community organizations working to make this a success. Do you want to help? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Take a colorful piece of card stock or construction paper.

  2. Fold it in half.

  3. Write, draw, and decorate with stickers! Make sure all notes are uplifting. Many people with small kids have printed off Christmas carol lyrics and had their preschooler glue the lyrics onto the page. Older kids can often write their own message of good tidings.

  4. Mail (or drop of)f your cards to Little Hands Can 2410 Gilham Road Eugene, OR 97408

  5. Watch our Facebook page to see pictures of the cards being delivered on Christmas Eve

Simple Service: Grocery Shopping for Others

Simple Service:  Grocery Shopping for Others

One of my favorite ways to get the kids involved in giving back is by taking them Grocery Shopping for Others.  We have a vibrant food pantry in our town that serves a few hundred local families. The idea of being hungry is something all kids can understand and even the youngest of kids can understand the difficulty of not having food.  We regularly donate to the food pantry and the kids are almost always with me when we drop the donations off.  However, putting them in charge of the entire process is an easy way to give them a sense of responsibility and decision making. It also helps them understand the purpose of what we are doing.  

Simple Service: Donation to the Svratište

Simple Service:  Donation to the Svratište

I teach my daughter that we are lucky and should be grateful for all we have and that we all need each other. The first "big thing" my daughter and I did together was to separate toys and clothes for donation. We found a center for children less fortunate than us close by and went there to drop it off. I'm not sure how much my daughter really understands yet, but I hope with time the act of giving, gratitude and kindness will grow into her heart.

Simple Service: Spare Change

Simple Service:  Spare Change

If you take a moment to look around there is always someone that will need help.

Whenever  I’m out walking around with my 15 yr old, we usually will see homeless people, both young and old, asking for spare change which is really heartbreaking. So, we started talking about different ways to help them and came up with an idea to use an empty jar to collect spare change from everyone in the family. Once it's completely full we will cash in the coins and get a money order for that amount to be mailed to the local Salvation Army.