Simple Service: Anyone, Any Age

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When looking for volunteer opportunities that welcomed children and had flexible schedules I was surprised to not find any. At the time my kids were four, three and one. Yes they were little and yes I had my hands full but I love to volunteer and wanted to start teaching that to my children. Many people assume kids can’t help, they don’t understand and do not want to participate however I have found the exact opposite. This is one of the reasons I created Box of Balloons, a nonprofit on a mission to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. 

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One of our main values at Box of Balloons is that anyone at any age can get involved, give back and make a difference. Kids, just like adults, need to have a purpose and a goal. Even little toddlers who spend much of their day playing and being cared for like to have a goal. Have you noticed how much joy a toddler gets from putting all the toys into the bin, dumping them out and doing it all over again? This simple activity gives them a purpose and a goal while playing! You can take this same concept and teach kids what it means to volunteer. 

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Even the simplest act of kindness and giving back makes a difference. At Box of Balloons we invite kids of any age into our Kids Helping Kids volunteer program. Most of our birthday boxes are all decorated by KIDS! Even tiny one year olds can hold a crayon or marker and scribble inside a big balloon drawing. Or a class of third graders can make happy birthday cards for children in need. These tasks may seem too small but they are not! To a family living in a homeless shelter or battling job loss having a cheerful birthday box can fill them with hope and love. 

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Whether you have tiny toddlers or busy teenagers you can teach them the importance of giving back, getting involved and volunteering. As a mom it is fulfilling to me to volunteer with my children, this not only teaches a valuable lesson but offers us a family friendly activity benefitting our community. As you go through your day to day schedule look for little ways to give back with your children. Look for ways to volunteer as a family creating memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.