How to Make Volunteering a Pinnacle Part of Your Family Traditions

The following is our latest guest post from Amanda at The Buzz Team. Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your talent and time with Little Hands Can!

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Volunteering is a great way to give time and/or resources to a worthy cause, but it can also be a great way for families to bond. By volunteering with your family, you can create a central purpose and teach your children important values, like empathy, responsibility, and selflessness. If you want to make sure your volunteer experience becomes a part of your family’s culture and not just a one-time thing, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Find a Cause Everyone in Your Family Can Connect To

Picking the right place to serve is one of the most important aspects when attempting to make it a family tradition. It’s important to choose a volunteer opportunity that everyone in your family feels a connection to. You can start with researching different options in your area and narrowing down the list until you find something that everyone can feel excited about.

Help Your Children Understand the Impact They Can Have

If your kids understand how positive of an impact they can have by volunteering, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the opportunity. Once you’ve picked the right volunteer opportunity for your family, explain to your kids just how much their contributions will benefit the cause. Let them know that there are real people and places who will be much better off because they’ve decided to volunteer.

Keep Your Kids Inspired to Help

It’s no secret that it can be a bit of a challenge to get kids to want to do anything that even remotely resembles a chore. In order to make volunteering a family tradition, you have to get your kids on board with the desire to help others. You can start this right at home by teaching your kids about the importance of helping those in being and being there for people who need them. Get your kids excited about lending a helping hand by allowing them to assist with things around the house such as repairs that don’t require a professional.

Create a Family Calendar with Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

If you can turn volunteering into something your kids look forward to, they’ll be excited to join in when the time comes. Be sure to plan your volunteer opportunities in advance and add them to your family calendar so everyone knows when they’re coming up. Planning ahead will also make you less likely to forget and more likely to stay consistent.

Incorporate Volunteer Events into Existing Family Traditions

If there are traditions your family has in place, consider incorporating volunteering into them. This could mean volunteering on a special anniversary or birthday. Not only will this ensure that volunteering remains a long-lasting tradition in your family, but it will also make those occasions even more meaningful. By turning volunteering into a central part of your family traditions, you can give your family a positive cause to support over time.

By implementing the tips above, you and your family will be well on the way to making changes in your community!

Amanda Turner is a freelancer writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing.