Simple Service: Thanking a Teacher

We are lucky to have our fourth post from our regular contributor, Kateylnne.

With the end of the school year coming up, this is the perfect post to motivate you to thank those teachers!

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Hi again!  I’m back with a super simple way for kids to give back – thanking a teacher.  Teachers are some of the most important people in our child’s lives and it is so important to recognize the impact they have on these little lives.  Not only is this an act of service for your little ones to do but it also teaches the important of thank you cards, which is something that will carry through their entire lives.    

To do this, all you need is some construction paper and crayons or markers.  

Before you start, talk with your child about who they would like to write a thank you card to.  This can be any teacher or coach they see regularly. Since we homeschool, writing myself a thank you card seems silly but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other adults who impact my kids on a daily basis.   My daughter decided she would like to write a thank you card to each of her dance teachers.

If your little one is too young to write, ask them what they would like to say and fill out the card for them.  Then they can decorate the card with crayons, markers, stickers or anything else you have around the house.

For older kids, encourage them to write the thank you card themselves.  If they are struggling with what to write, ask them what about this teacher is so wonderful?  Is there something he/she does that is particularly helpful/funny/inspiring? I’ve found just 1 or 2 sentences is all it takes.  For my daughter, who is 7, her cards said:


Thank you for teaching me how to dance.

Love, M

Short and sweet.  

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You can also choose to add a little treat to the thank you card if you’d like.  For us, we were in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season, so my daughter gave each teacher a box of cookies with her thank you note.  Other ideas are: a bag of candy, a gift certificate for a coffee, a package of pencils or other school supplies.

Don’t over think this one.  What you say or do is not nearly as important as simply taking the time to recognize them in the first place.  Teachers, coaches and other instructors pour hours of their time into our children and are often taken for granted.  Teaching your child the important of saying thank you to those who impact them is a gift for both the teacher and your child.  

About the Author:

Katelynne is married to her high school sweetheart and is a stay-at-home mom to 4 little ones in Connecticut.  When she is not managing the house or homeschooling her little ones, she provides encouragement and practical ideas for other homemakers and mamas through her blog The Disguised Supermom.  Her passion is supporting these women, lifting them up and giving them tangible ways to ease the stress that comes from each aspect of their lives.