Simple Service: —And So Much More!

The following is another wonderful blog post from our regular contributor, Nicole, from BOX OF BALLOONS. This post is about how any simple act of service is really about SO MUCH MORE than that one act of service. The feelings of love, hope, and joy in those benefitting from the service, as well as those giving, are ongoing and extend well beyond the act of kindness itself. Simple acts of kindness can make an extraordinary impact. Read on to learn more, and find other posts by Box of Balloons HERE!

From the beginning we have always said, “Box of Balloons...And So Much More” because a birthday party is so much more than balloons and cake. A birthday is a day of love, hope and joy and provides a child in need with confidence, self-esteem and positive self-worth. For a family in need, a family struggling to survive this simple day of celebration, cake and smiles may be the hope and encouragement they need to continue on. There are many ways for people to help us at Box of Balloons celebrate kiddos in need with one of those being supply drives. Yes people are collecting and donating balloons, plates, gifts and decorations but when put together into a birthday box it becomes so much more. Recently a kiddo celebrating his own birthday asked friends and family to donate supplies for Box of Balloons in honor of his day.

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Not only is Box of Balloons so much more for the child and family in need but for our volunteers as well. Being able to give your time and resources to ensure a child in need will be celebrated, will be filled with the confidence and joy they deserve is so much more than an ordinary volunteer job. It is fulfilling, happy and hopeful for all involved. Box of Balloons believes anyone at any age can give back and make a difference. Teagan, one of our kid volunteers, is a great example of this. She volunteers for Box of Balloons with her mom helping to deliver birthday boxes to social workers for families in need. This is so much more than ordinary: she is doing a simple act of kindness to make an extraordinary impact.

As a mom to three kids, this isn’t just a volunteer job or something on my to-do list, it is so much more. It is a way for me to make a difference in my community while teaching my children what it means to give back, to volunteer. I want my children to grow up loving to volunteer, loving others and loving to do simple things that result in so much more.  

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There are so many things we do during a week that may seem simple or meaningless or less important but what if we looked at these things as “so much more”. Sometimes in life it is the simple idea, the simple act, the simple celebration that makes all the difference in the world and is so much more!