Simple Service: Everyone's a Writer


Here at Box of Balloons we fully believe everyone at any age can give back and make a positive difference in their community. We developed a Kids Helping Kids volunteer program and love to see kids giving birthday parties to other children in their school, neighborhood and community. At the end of last year Box of Balloons released a children’s book title Box of Balloons, depicting the how and why behind the organization from a child’s perspective. Children are such a huge part of the organization we wanted to be able to show them that and teach a lesson on kindness.

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Box of Balloons founder and children’s book author, Nicole Moll, has been traveling around to local school districts sharing about the nonprofit and the book writing process. Each week students in schools across the country are learning to write. Preschoolers are learning to write their first words, kinders are discovering the magic of reading and upper elementary students are being challenged to add in more descriptive words and lengthen their paragraphs. All of this learning and work is our future of writing, our future authors are being molded and future books are being created.

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Box of Balloons wants to take that enthusiasm for writing and storytelling and inspire young minds to put it on paper, write it down and transform it into a work of art for all to see. During the Box of Balloons school visit students are given some time to think about their title. If they were to start writing a book today, what would it be titled? Every great story needs a title just like all amazing birthday parties need a theme! We want to encourage children of all ages to write, to love words and to give back to their communities one story or birthday at a time.

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As Box of Balloons continues to spread awareness and share their new children’s book they are also inspiring children to think beyond the assignment or worksheet in front of them and to dream. Just like volunteering, anyone at any age can author a book, a story that may teach a lesson, share facts or motivate the reader to take action. Children have brilliantly creative minds. Their imaginations are in full force and they are filled with stories. As parents and teachers know first hand, children are almost never lacking a good story!

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What story can you cultivate in a child today, which book can you read to them, and how can you inspire them to tell a story of their own?