Simple Service: Help Birds Make Their Nests- Make a Nesting Whisk!

We have definitely made our fair share of birdhouses and feeders. Both projects are super fun and helpful for the bird community. However, my son and I were super intrigued when we read an article about providing nesting materials for our feathered friends. Some birds nest early, some late, and some make more than one nest each season. Offering nesting materials from early spring through summer helps the birds make their nests.

1. Fill the head of any type of kitchen whisk with a variety of safe for bird materials from nature, such as moss, dried grass, pine needles, twigs and hay. (Do not use dryer lint it may contain harmful residues from detergents/fabric)

2. Hang the whisk by the handle from a tree. 

3. Bird watch! Birds will see that your yard has materials they can use to nest and will quickly become a frequent visitor.

This fun project is a real service to our birds and environment. We need birds to eat insects, move seeds and pollen around, transfer nutrients from sea to land and more!