Summer Service Bucket List

It's summertime! Ok, not officially for a few weeks and kids here in Eugene still have a few days left of school but it's close enough that summer is on everyone's minds. What are your summer plans? You've probably already planned any big trips and registered for camps (although if you need a camp Aug 6-10 for your 3-6yo you should sign up for our Kindness Camp!); might even have the schedule for your favorite rec swims and library programs jotted down. Some families choose to plan a routine for each day and others plan to go with the flow of summer spontaneity. No matter what your summer plans are, do they include service? Depending on your family, it might mean working some random acts of kindness into your road trip or being extra nice to the other kids at camp or getting to know your neighbors with a summer BBQ or picking up litter on a hike or .... Summer provides so many opportunities for service!


Last summer we challenged families to write down ideas for S.O.S. - Summer of Service. This summer the theme is a Summer Bucket List but the concept is the same. Decide on some service opportunities your family will/could have this summer, write them down, put the paper somewhere where it'll be a reminder to everyone, and then serve others throughout the summer. One important aspect of all service is to ask "why?" What good is it doing for others? Why am I doing this? There's a spot on the shovel to write your "why." Then write on the bucket your family's service bucket list for this summer.

Click the image above for the printable PDF

Click the image above for the printable PDF

Tonight our family sat down and talked about what we can do to serve others this summer and why we would serve others this summer. Our four year old decided that we should serve others because it makes us happy.


Together we came up with some goals for serving others this summer. Here's our list: 

Walk with Vanieta (an elderly friend)
Invite other people to come hiking with us
Hand out popsicles on a hot day
Chicken-sit for neighbor
Share our garden’s produce
Give out ice cream
Share our apples (from our apple tree)

As you can see, none of this will be very expensive or time consuming. We've already been asked to chicken-sit and have already shared veggies from our garden. The popsicle idea is a tradition we started three years ago and I'm guessing my daughter's insistence that we also share ice cream is a spin-off from that idea. The scribbles on the page are our one year old's additions to the list. 


If you need ideas for your family's bucket list, check out these past posts with lots of ideas, both from 2015 and 2016. Check our events calendar for lots of free Little Hands Can Community Events around town this summer. We make helping others really really easy by setting things up; you just have to show up and help out. Maybe after seeing our events you'll have more to add to your bucket list. Come serve with us!

Happy summer and have fun with your Summer Service Bucket Lists!

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