Simple Service: Mother's Day Tribute & Free Printable

Moms are pretty special. When we talk to kids about serving others, usually the first person that they think about is their mothers. Moms are often the first to kiss and bandage scrapes, serve yummy healthy meals, help with homework, and so much more. Despite all that they do for their families, sometimes they don't get much credit. Mother's Day is coming up, May 13th this year, and is the perfect opportunity to show moms that we love them and appreciate their service.

This will be the third year that Little Hands Can has done a special post for celebrating moms on Mother's Day. In 2016 we provided a free printable for kids to fill in about their moms, and an idea for a simple gift of body wash.  In 2017 we gave lots of breakfast ideas for serving breakfast in bed to mom. Most were simple enough that even young kids could do them by themselves or with very little adult assistance. This year we've provided a new printable and also included two crafts that Mom will love to receive on Mother's Day.

Tissue Paper Flower

First up is a project that even the littlest of littles did quite well with at Happy Helpers last week. The idea comes from Mother's Day by Anne Rockwell. It's a charming book about different ways people celebrate Mother's Day and made a great read-aloud at Happy Helpers.

You'll need some colorful tissue paper cut into petal shapes, a few circles as well as leaf shapes of green construction paper, green pipe cleaners, and glue/tape. Here are the instructions from the book.


And some cute pictures of flower making at Happy Helpers. This week we'll be delivering the flowers to the memory care unit at Waterford Grand.

Keepsake Necklace

Second up is a gift that Mom might actually wear beyond Mother's Day. My daughter and I painted wood beads together two years ago and we're planning to do it together again this year so we know from experience that kids as young as 2 can totally do it and older kids get excited about it too.

You'll need unfinished (plain) wood beads, paint, paint brush, and twine/ribbon/yarn. Paint the beads and let dry. String on your choice of twine, ribbon, or yarn and you're set! It's a little messy but looks good enough for Mom to want to wear.

Here's my daughter painting beads two years ago and us wearing our completed necklaces.


This year we discovered that it's less messy to string the beads on a skewer poked through a box.


Mother's Day Printable

Print this off and fill it in for your mom. Click on the images below for the PDF version. Bring it on the tray with her breakfast in bed and some tissue paper flowers or a necklace (see above) and it will most definitely bring a smile to her face this Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!