Simple Service: Everyday is Earth Day

For our service this month, we used Earth Day as a reason to get out. Thankfully "every day is Earth day," because we actually didn't get around to this until a few days later. ;)


I kept it simple. We chose our lake spot where, sadly, there is a lot of trash. Maybe one of these times I'll remember gloves for them to wear.... 😳 But don't worry, we did use hand sanitizer and then washed our hands as soon as we got home. ;) 


As you can see, there was plenty of trash to be picked up.


It was stressful, as life with a toddler usually is, so I hope you know how miraculous these photos are, it almost appears like I was involved and focused on what was going on with the little trash collectors. Thankfully they were still productive without me while I played lifeguard.

I'm still glad we did this. We did this for earth day last year too and even though we don't go out with trash bags every day, it has made the girls more aware and they are always trying to pick up trash in parking lots, at parks, and along paths as we go our ways. Because every day should be Earth day!