Simple Service: Donate books with handmade bookmarks to Little Free Libraries!


Tis' the season for Spring cleaning! I love when the sun starts to make an appearance and flowers start to bloom. The arrival of Spring is a great time to brush the dust off unused items and decide whether to keep or donate!

While I was cleaning around the house, Carter, (my son) started looking through his many boxes of books. He decided he could part with some and wanted to make bookmarks to go with each book donated!

I cut out bookmarks from poster board. Then, Carter and Sawyer enthusiastically used markers, crayons and stickers to decorate. Carter very carefully wrote a message on each one..."Spread Kindness." While decorating we started reminiscing about when we lived near a Little Free Library. As a family, we would visit it frequently and Carter loved it. He remembered and thought we should find one to go to!

On the Little Free Library website:  there is a super helpful search function to find the closest library location near you.

We got in the car, books and bookmarks ready to go! After the last adorable little library we went to, Carter jumped in the car and said excitedly, "Can we do this again tomorrow?" 

Maybe we will! And since there isn't one in our little community; perhaps that will be our next project!