Simple Service: Hygiene Kits

This month for our service project we helped out the Humanitarian Aid group in our church and put together several hygiene kits for them that they are gathering to take to local shelters. It was simple and easy yet still opened up conversations about how there are people out there who have much less and we need to help out and give back. And also, kids love any activity that involves sorting, grouping, and racing (to assemble bags haha.)

First stop- the store! They took it way too seriously in picking out some of the items (there's a lot of toothpaste brands out there.) But it was fun over all.


Then we went home and put the kits together! Boom.


 Kits are a great way to involve kids- they can basically do the whole project. Last year we also put together our own homeless kits and had a great time and learned a lot of lessons too! 


 You don't have to attend any one church or any church at all to get involved and help out with their humanitarian efforts. Many sects have constant projects that they need help with! You can contact any local church to find out ways they need your help.  Last fall we helped out a local Christian group in their garden, for example.

Here are some more projects going on at our local church building where we attend: Coloring pages to make alphabet books, trace and cut fabric to make toy balls, stuff toy balls and animals, gather clothing and other items, tie lap quilts, gather items for school, hygiene and newborn kits. They have sent these items anywhere from Utah to Zimbabwe!

So if you're looking for ways to get involved with your kids or even just yourself- churches are a great place to look!

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