Simple Service: Roses are Red

Roses are Red


Roses are red, or in our case, they are many colors. And we wanted to put them to good use and not just let them wilt on our table after Valentine's day.


It was a sweet experience and I decided it would make a fun Valentine's tradition. But since then I think we've only done it a couple times, certainly not every year. But hey, a few times is better than no times, right? My oldest had to idea to go to Thanksgiving Point, a local area with food, a theater, museums, an animal farm, and gardens.


They were both pretty nervous every time they gave away a rose to someone, but after each time they were so happy!


Towards the end, however, my oldest daughter was blushing quite a lot because there was a table with some young, cute boys sitting at it, and she found that altogether too much too handle. So maybe this traditions won't last the boy crazy years?  (which apparently start now?! At age six?!) 

This fun little service activity can be done any time of the year, not just Valentine's day. It's truly for all ages, although my favorite time may always be that first one because my daughter was so young that she didn't know the social norms or any discrimination- she gave flowers to anyone and everyone- women AND men, old and young. As as adult I find myself trying to find the people that look the most "like they need it." But you never know what's in people's hearts and who might need a pick-me-up that day.

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