Simple Service: Welcoming a New Baby

Service Project: Welcoming a New Baby

Prep time: none

Cost: can vary depending on how much you buy. Typically $25

Duration: 1 hour

Lesson(s) learned: We can show our love to new babies!

How we did it:

When friends have babies, it's natural to want to reach out and show your love and support. After I had a baby, though, I noticed that I often felt overwhelmed when friends stopped by to show love. I needed time to just be with my baby.

After I had babies I wasn't sure the best way to reach out in love to my friends having babies. I knew I hadn't liked being visited, but I still wanted to do something. One day I came across an idea from Mother's Niche and adapted it to fit our family. Here's what we do:

  • As a family, we go to the store and choose healthy(ish), high protein snacks, shelf-stable (nursing moms are usually starving and need substantive snacks)
  • We also choose out a basket. Sometimes we get baskets at thrift stores for $3 and sometimes we get holiday baskets depending on the time of year.
  • We bring our supplies home and arrange them in the basket together.
  • We often write notes/draw pictures to go in the basket.
  • We then drop it off on the porch of the family with the new baby. We do not ring the doorbell because we do not want to wake up anyone who may be sleeping. I'll usually text the mother later saying, "Hey, whenever you get a chance to go outside, I left something on your porch. No rush on it." This way they know it's there, but they can wait until a time that is convenient to get it. By leaving it on the porch you are showing love without expectations of needing to see the baby (and exhaust the baby and mother). 

Have you done this before? What things do you do differently? If you haven't done it, do you think you'll try it? Let us know in the comments!