Simple Service: Looking for Ways to Help

The end of January was...eventful (I guess that's the word to describe it). My little one got really sick and my husband busted his leg and has a big huge cast on it. Here are some pictures of our glamorous family these past few weeks:


Though it was a hard little time in there, I am amazed by all of the simple service ideas our friends showered us with. Here I'll touch on a few of their amazing ideas:

  • For five or six nights in a row different friends of our family texted or called and said, "What time can I drop off dinner?" It was an outpouring of amazing food and so much love that I was amazed! I was also amazed at how much stress it took off of us. Sure, we could have ordered take out--but then we would have been worried about the costs adding up. Sure, we could have eaten cold cereal for dinner--but that's never tasty. And sure, we could have squeezed in cooking in our crazy schedules - but that was stress that we didn't need. Our friends knew exactly how to alleviate some of our burdens and bringing dinner was so fabulous! If you are one of the friends who brought dinner, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
  • One family came over and did a puppet show through our window while my daughter was hooked up to our nebulizer. My daughter loved it and it was so fun for all involved! They even let us keep the puppets! Thank you!
  • Another family, who knew our daughter's gymnastics schedule, offered to take the girls to their class (this was before the little one got sick, but the day after the leg busted). It was so nice to be able to stay home and help my husband with all his leg-care. Thank you for that evening!
  • Babysitting! With doctor's appointments at various times, several friends have helped with the kids. Thank you so much!
  • Care packages in the mail from family far away! Everyone loves getting mail and my kids are no exception. Thank you for sending things!
  • Rides! Since my husband can't drive with his busted leg, we've been so appreciative to the friends who have helped shuffle us around town. Thanks!
  • Baked goods! We've had so many cookies, brownies, and homemade rolls these past couple weeks and they have been mighty delicious!
  • On February 1st I got a call from my daughter's preschool director. "So, your tuition has been paid in double for February," she said. "It came through on the automatic payment from your credit card, but an anonymous person also paid her tuition. So, I'm going to go ahead and refund your card." I was so taken aback. I have no idea who that anonymous person is, but it certainly is very kind of them to be so generous! If you are the anonymous donor, thank you! 

I wanted to list these things here because my heart is full of gratitude for the outpouring of love that our friends and family have shown us. Thank you so much! I also wanted to put them here so that if you know a family that's having a rough week, you can take a moment to think of a way that you can help. Perhaps dinner would be appreciated, perhaps a child needs a ride, perhaps a plate of cookies might cheer someone's day. As a family, look for ways to help! They will be ever appreciative (I know, because I am ever appreciative).