Simple Service: Sending Hugs to Loved Ones

Happy New Year!

Here is our latest guest blog post with a simple service idea to start the new year off right! Thank you so much to Katelynne (aka The Disguised Supermom), our regular contributor who will be bringing us wonderful simple service ideas all the way from Connecticut! Katelynne also shared this post with us earlier this year.

Simple Service: Sending Hugs to Loved Ones

Leading up to the holidays, there is always a big surge to complete “acts of kindness”.  It is such a magical time of year that it is easy to want to spread joy to others.  But imagine if we spread that kind of kindness all year long!  Today, I have a project for you to do with your little ones that will help put a smile on someone’s face - sending them a hug! This project requires only a few supplies you probably already have and takes less than 15 minutes!

To send someone a hug, you will need:

·      Construction paper (any color)

·      Tape

·      Pencil

To make your hug:

1.    Trace both of your little one’s hands on the construction paper. You need two hands per hug.

2.    Cut out the hands.

3.    Cut a long strip of construction paper, about 1 inch wide. If your paper isn’t long enough, cut 2 strips and tape them together.

4.    Fold the strips of paper accordion style until all is folded up.

5.    Tape one end of the accordion paper to each hand print.

6.    Write a short message on the handprints, such as “A Hug for You!” Or “I Miss You!”

That’s it! Now you have to decide who to mail your hug to.  Personally, I think relatives you don’t often see or missed seeing this holiday season are the perfect recipients.  Grandparents are always a win also!

I hope you have fun making and sending hugs to loved ones. It is one of my favorite ways to send a little surprise to friends and family.



Katelynne is married to her high school sweetheart and a stay at home mom to 4 little ones in Connecticut.  When she is not managing the house or homeschooling her little ones, she provides encouragement and practical ideas for other homemakers and mamas through her blog The Disguised Supermom.  Her passion is supporting these women, lifting them up and giving them tangible ways to ease the stress that comes from each aspect of their life.