Simple Service: Teacher Treat on Grading Day

Teachers work hard for our kiddos! I am so grateful for work they put in to teach my kids to be responsible, work well with others, to be an integral parts of our community, and to understand math/reading/history/science/etc. They have a lot to do!

Twice a year, at my daughter’s elementary school, the teachers are given a grading day. Of course it takes more than a day to grade, but this is the only day it can be their sole focus. One teacher commented on how this day can be overwhelming and stressful given the amount of work that needs to be done in such a short amount of time. Last time a grading day came around, we decided to leave a little surprise for the teacher on this stressful day.

Not wanting to bother the teacher on her already busy day, we sneaked into the classroom while she was in a meeting and left a bag of snacks and a picture we’d made together.


Our gesture was small! I know that it was nothing compared to the work that the teacher puts in for us. But, we were glad to drop off something just to say, “Thank you!”