Simple Service For the Earth: Start a compost bin!

With our acts of kindness, I try to include projects that focus on being kind to our planet! I want to teach my children the importance of supporting the protection of our environment. We have one Earth and we need to do our part to keep it clean and beautiful!

Composting is a good way to reduce your household waste, frees up space in the landfills (organic waste makes up 30% of trash in landfills) and provides you with organic, amazingly nutritious fertilizer for your plants!

We live on an acre of property and made a simple compost pile using fencing. The key is to use 60% brown material and 40% green material, add water and make sure to turn the pile every few weeks. Compost can be ready within 3 months. More info about starting a compost pile-

Even if you live in an apartment or a house with a small yard, you can still start your own simple mini compost bin! Or if your kid wants to make their own compost bin this project is perfect! My son had a great time making the bin! He loved learning about compost and how he is doing his part in protecting our planet! 

1. Gather materials:
Container with a lid that seals
Drill with quarter inch drill bit
Charcoal air filter (optional) 
Newspaper or coloring book paper (assists with the natural composting process)
Food scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds-
NO meat fish or dairy
Glue gun (optional)
Foam sheets, glitter glue, etc (optional)

2. Clean the container with dish soap.

3. Drill many holes in the lid of the container. If you are worried about the smell, add a charcoal air filter to the lid make sure it is big enough to cover the holes.

4. Put a layer of soil, food scraps, little pieces of newspaper or coloring book paper and another layer of soil.

5. Decorate the container if you want to! We love to decorate! We used hot glue and foam sheets to make fun shapes to put on our compost container.

6. Store under the sink and give it a shake every other day to circulate the air.


Carter is so excited to see the process of turning this everyday waste into soil for our garden! Home composting is a great opportunity to teach your children another way to recycle and is a hands-on approach to treating the environment with kindness!