Happy Helpers!


School is almost starting around here and that also means that Happy Helpers will be back in session! We're testing out a new and improved version this school year with WEEKLY Happy Helpers. Maybe I'm the only one that gets mixed up as to which week is which ("Is it the 3rd Tues or the 2nd? Maybe the 4th? I'll have to check a calendar and see...") but having it weekly should be so much easier to remember. With a huge increase of time each month, we are limiting the program to one assisted living facility this year while we see how it goes. So, mark your calendars for Tuesdays at 10:30 at Waterford Grand. They'll always be on the website and facebook so check before you go if you don't have a school-age kid since we follow the local school district calendars.

My favorite part of Happy Helpers is the relationship these babes have with the old people who live at the assisted living facility where we hold Happy Helpers. Seeing big smiles on everyone's faces is so wonderful!


We're so excited for this change and hope you are too! Below we're answering some of our most common questions about the program. If you have more questions, please contact us or come to a Happy Helpers. See ya soon!

What is Happy Helpers? Happy Helpers is a special event where we learn about and do service projects. We start with a short story time where we sing and read about the day's topic then we do a service project about the topic. For example, our first Happy Helpers this year are fall themed so we'll be singing and reading books about fall and then we'll be making fall-themed place mats and centerpieces for Meals on Wheels.


Who is it for? Happy Helpers is for the youngest and oldest! It's meant for young children, babies-6, with their caregivers. It's located at an assisted living facility so we mingle with the wise residents there.

When is it happening? Every Tuesday at 10:30 that school is in session. Check our website or facebook for dates. 

Where? Waterford Grand, 600 Waterford Way, Eugene, OR 97401. It's very close to Valley River Center and the bike path.


How do I participate? Just show up! No registration necessary and it's always free.

How is this funded? Your generous donations make this program possible. Each Happy Helpers costs, on average, about $20 in supplies. Your donation ensures that this program continues to bless both those who attend and those we serve.

How can I help? We are in need of books for our storytimes! Currently we check out books from the library for each week's Happy Helpers but that means we're relying on the books being available at the library when we need them. To save time and stress, we are hoping to have more of the books in our Happy Helpers library. It would be super duper awesome if you could donate a book or two from our wish list - http://a.co/68UcADw  
Aside from monetary or book donations, you can support this program with your time. Want to lead a storytime? We'll give you a tote bag of books and songs the week before. Want to help behind the scenes? We also need assistants to welcome people as they come in, help as the project gets started, and/or clean-up afterwards.


We're so excited for Happy Helpers! Hope to see you there!