Service Project: Become a Junior Forest Ranger

Service Project: Become a Junior Forest Ranger: You can make a difference!
Junior Forest Rangers are partners in helping preserve these special places for future generations!

Prep time: 5-10 min

Cost: Cost of postage plus possible fuel cost

Duration: 3 days to finish all of the activities in the book (There is no timeframe that the activities have to be completed by)

1.It’s simple to get started!
We picked up the Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide at the Willamette National Forest Agency located at -
3106 Pierce Pkwy D, Springfield, OR 97477 or visit the website to print out a copy-https:/

The Adventure Guide consists of fun and educational activities (tailored for 5-12 years old)about our national forests and grasslands.

2. Visit nature! We headed out to the Willamette National Forest (Fall Creek area) to complete some of the activities. Walking in the woods and observing wildlife was fun for the whole family! Carter's favorite activity was learning how to use a compass and creating a map.

3. When all activities are completed, fill out and mail the JFR Official Form. Once received, an official JFR pin and membership card will be sent for your child. The card contains a membership number that gives members-only access to the kid-safe JFR Clubhouse. The Clubhouse provides many activities, lessons, and opportunities to participate in other programs. Special offers are also available supporters of the program

Lesson(s) learned: I just recently found out about the Junior Forest Ranger program. And what a fantastic program it is! Our family are outdoor advocates and this program is about protecting nature! Carter learned that he too can make a difference by becoming an advocate for the forest by learning, then educating and inspiring others!

Say the Junior Forest Ranger Oath together and you are ready to learn how to become advocates of the forest!