Simple Service: Enchanted Makeovers' Doll Adoption Program

Service Project: Make a cuddly creature from new colorful socks for the Enchanted Makeovers’ Doll Adoption program. The Doll Adoption Project provides children in shelters with handmade dolls donated by crafters.

Prep time: 30 min

Cost:$10 plus shipping

Duration: 1 hour

1. We picked out a couple of new colorful socks and stuffed each with quilt batting. To close the sock we used rubber bands.

2. Carter cut out felt facial features, fins, and more. Using a paintbrush he spread tacky glue on the felt features to attach them to the sock. Afterwards, I made sure the felt features were secured. This can be done with hot glue or hand stitching. 
Safety Disclaimer:Please only place items on dolls that a child will not choke on.

3. Send to: Enchanted Makeovers “Doll Adoption Project,” 12663 Hipp Street, Taylor, MI 48180

Lesson(s) learned: A project where you can teach compassion and service. That not everyone has the same advantages in life, or lives in the same kind of house with a roomful of toys.By making sock dolls for these children we are providing them with a gift that can provide comfort and unconditional love.

My Son and I loved working on this project together. It was so fun to use our imaginations to create these cuddly creatures and it was so exciting to send them off to their new home! I hope you enjoy this project too!

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