Beach Clean-up Competition

Service Project: Beach Clean-Up Competition

Prep time: none

Cost: gloves/bags

Duration: 20 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: We can clean up the beach to help the environment.

How we did it:

Last week, after a family reunion, we had a cousin beach clean up competition. We first talked about why we love the beach and why we want to keep it clean. 

We then divided the cousins into two teams (allowing the two youngest to be the team captains) and gave everyone a trash bag, gloves, and 20 minutes on the beach to pick up as much trash as possible. Each team was trying to get the most trash.

Today two of the kids who participated share their experiences.

Madeline, age 10, wrote about her experience like this:

It was a warm morning in Oregon the day after the 4th of July, which, of course, meant there would be lots of garbage left from careless humans. The beach was windy and seemed normal until I saw the fire pits. They had much garbage inside and more in the little streams of water running to the ocean. I found a broken lighter, streamers, Pop-its, Sparklers, and a giant coiled rope covered in seaweed. Imagine if that had been eaten by fish and sea animals. This is how they get endangered! 
It was fun helping the beach and water. I loved it! This is why I'm gonna be a doctor when I grow up. I could save peoples' lives. My aunt is right. Little Hands certainly Can!

Jairus, age 9, explained it this way:

On July 5th, 2017 me and my extended family cleaned up the Tillamook beach after a long night of fireworks. I believe I was helping not only earth, but also, fellow animals. 
The main reason we went to the beach was for vacation but, every year we have a cleaning competition. Lots of trash had been left on the beach after the fireworks.
If we had not done that the trash may have contaminated the ocean or choked one of the animals. Although it didn't bring me much pleasure it at least helped someone (or something). By the way, my team clearly won.

We encourage you to have your own nature clean up competition this summer!