S.O.S. is for Summer of Service (Free Printable)

School's almost out and summer is here! Or if you're one of the unlucky families in the Pacific Northwest with a week of snow days to make up for, just keep chugging along and school will be out some day in the distant future.
What are your summer plans? Camps? Hiking? Family reunions? Summer is such a fun season! We hope you include service as part of your summer plans. To make it easy for you, we made a poster for you to print out and put up somewhere where your family will see it. Talk with your kids about how they want to help out this summer and write down the ideas in the life ring. 


We asked our three year old what she wanted to do to help others this summer and she listed these random acts of kindness. 

Pick extra strawberries and blueberries for a friend
Give extra food from the garden to a friend
Sandwiches to a friend
Visit Grandma
Send a card to a friend
Give flowers to a friend
Popsicles to people outside on a hot day
Kidnap a friend for ice cream
Give someone a yoga mat
Weed someone’s garden
Give someone a treasure box
— Anna, 3

On the ones where she mentioned giving something to a friend, she was very adamant that it be a friend rather than a stranger. While that's a great start, we'll be working on expanding our definition of "friend" this summer. I have no idea where the yoga mat idea came from! She went on to explain that if we saw someone doing yoga in a park (has this ever happened to us so far? no...) without a yoga mat then we could give it to them. I'm also not sure where the treasure box idea came from but it sounds like a really fun project for us. I love basing service on kids' ideas!

Will you make this a SOS, a Summer of Service? SOS is the distress signal used around the world. Don't you think this world needs more service, more people helping each other out and trying to make others smile? 

Click here for SOS Summer of Service poster