Simple Service: Bee Bath

Service Project: Celebrate National Pollinator Week! Creating a bee bath is one way to make your garden pollinator friendly!

Prep time: 15 min


Duration: 1 hour

Lesson(s) learned: I can help create a safe place for bees to access water. Which is very important! A single bee tends to at least 2,000 flowers daily, with their tiny wings beating 10,000 times per minute, carrying pollen, and dramatically assisting our food supply. Bees use water to dissolve crystallized honey, to dilute honey when producing larval food, for evaporation cooling during warm weather, and for a cool drink on a hot day. Pollinator Week celebrates the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles. It is a move forward in helping the declining pollinator population.

Container- shallow or deep
Marbles and-or rocks
Stencils (optional)

How we did it:

1. We found a pretty frosted glass light cover from our local home improvement thrift store, to use as our bee bath.

2. We used stencils to paint a bee and a flower onto the cover.

3. The light cover is deep, so we added marbles and rocks to fill it to the top. It is important to add a few larger marbles or rocks that stick out of the water on top of the pile for the bees to safely land on.

4. The light cover already had holes along the sides so we could thread string through to hang the bee bath on a tree limb. Carter added beads when tying the string to help secure it.

We were working on turning our yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat and we were missing just a couple of requirements; a water dish and a supplemental bird feeder. To complete the bird feeder requirement, Carter made peanut butter pinecone bird feeders. 
Click on the link for the instructions we used for this fun project:

Turning your yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat is a fun family project that is easy, educational and makes a big difference for neighborhood wildlife!

Click on the link to certify your yard:

I hope you have fun watching the new visitors that will stop by in your yard or garden!