Simple Service: Send Some Warmth to Our Military!

Service Project: Send Some Warmth to Our Military! Make (or buy) a no-sew blanket for Veterans and deployed Service Members through the Soldiers Angels organization.

Prep time: 30 min-1 hour

Cost:$10-$25 plus shipping

Duration: 1 hour

Lesson(s) learned: I can thank and show my appreciation to a Veteran or deployed Service Member (the men and women who are keeping us safe) by sending a blanket and a handmade thank you card. Learning that these blankets provide them comfort and a simple reminder of home.

How we did it:

1. We picked out fleece material from our local craft store. We bought two yards of each; a star pattern for the top and gray for the bottom of the blanket.

2. We followed these easy directions to make the blanket. Tip: Use safety pins to secure the two pieces of material together before measuring and cutting

3. Using construction paper, markers and stickers, Carter (my 5 year old son) made a "Thank you for your service" card

4. When we finished the blanket and card we followed the shipping directions from the Soldiers Angels website:!/

Soldiers Angels will also accept any type of store bought blanket.(twin size)

Whether you make a blanket or buy one, I hope you and your child feel good knowing that you are sending warmth to a Military Hero!