Simple Service: Thank You Note to the Imagination Library

Service Project: Write a Thank You card to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Prep time: none

Cost: stamp/paper

Duration: 15 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: I can express my gratitude to those who are kind to me

How we did it:

How many of you participate in the Imagination Library? For those who don't know, Dolly Parton partners with cities across the US, UK, Canada and Australia and gives over one million kids ages 0-5 a free book every month. My girls love checking the mail and seeing what book they've been sent. 

I noticed recently that my three year old started regularly talking about Dolly Parton and the books that come in the mail. I was glad that she was acknowledging the gifts and the sender, but realized that we'd never thanked Dolly Parton for them. I told Ivory we needed to make a thank you card and she was ecstatic about the prospect and immediately set to work.


Whether you have the Imagination Library in your city or not, I hope that you can sit down with your kids and write a Thank-You note to someone - near or far - that your child appreciates.