Simple Service: Backyard Beekeeping

This post is written by Savannah from Small Town Superheroes:

The number of bees in the world has had a significant decrease over recent years. This is definitely concerning as bees are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the flowering plant species and 400 different agricultural types of plant. Honey bees and other pollinators provide us with invaluable pollinating services. Without bees to spread seeds, many plants, including food crops, would die off!

With this in mind, my family and I have become backyard beekeepers! We bought our hives and purchased packages of bees from the local company, GloryBee. This year my son and I have our very own hive. My son helped paint the outside of the hive to add some artistic flair to our yard.

He is 5 years old and can wear his own bee suit as well as veil, gloves and boots to observe the hive, hold the smoker (all while being supervised of course) and inspect the hive for mites and beetles. Sampling the delicious honey is also a very important task! (Always have your favorite sting remedy of choice on hand. I suggest you keep an Epinephrine Auto Injector or EpiPen on hand, just in case.)

Involving your children in beekeeping activities teach them to value and respect nature. Beekeeping is something the whole family can do together while educating your children on the importance of bees and inspiring them to take part in the bees' preservation!

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