Simple Service: Act of Appreciation for Your Mail Carrier

Service Project: Leave gift in your mailbox for the mail carrier

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cost: $10

Duration: 30 minutes

Lesson(s) learned: Show kindness and appreciation for others.

How we did it:

Mail is delivered to our mailbox six days a week so we decided it would be nice to take time out of our day to thank the mail carrier who is responsible for getting it to us!

Since we have our own beehives we have our own honey. So we decided to give a jar of honey. (Any home made gift would work or buy a jar of honey around $10) Carter wanted to attach a coloring book picture that he colored, just for the mail carrier. We also added a thank you message onto the jar using ribbon. Carter was excited to place the gift into the mail box and to raise the flag.


2 pages from any coloring book

Ribbon or string

Hole punch

Crayons, markers, stickers, decorate the thank you note


1)    Have your child pick out a coloring page to color and another page to use for the note

2)   Cut a heart shape from the coloring page for the note

3)   Fold the coloring page and the note to fit around the jar.

4)    Hole punch each end of the coloring sheet and one side of the heart. Cut a piece of ribbon to thread through the holes. Tie ribbon around the jar.

Walk to the mail box to make your delivery!

I love the element of surprise with this project. Carter was excited to check the mail box later to see if the flag had been lowered. Once we saw it had been, we went to get our mail. Carter was thrilled to see that she had left a Thank you note back! Kindness spreads happiness!