Valentine's Event Recaps & Beanbag How-to

Love is in the air! We just finished off a week full of LOVE at Little Hands Can and I just have to share it with you! 


We had two Happy Helpers play dates about love then a little Valentine's party Community Event on Saturday. At Happy Helpers we read Secret Valentine about a little girl who makes a valentine for her lonely neighbor and gets back a "secret valentine." We also sang the Skidamarink song becuase you can't have a preschool program about love without the Skidamarink song.

After more books and more singing we moved on to the service project part of the play dates. We made little bean bags for the classrooms at the Relief Nursery. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the kids and seniors did at making those bean bags. If you're interested in doing it yourself, scroll to the end of this post for a full tutorial.


Participants could also make their own cards for a secret valentine. Lots of special valentines resulted. More important than the cards brought home, though, were the memories made there. On Monday, a happy tot and a senior were laughing so hard as they put stickers on each others faces. On Tuesday, the finished bean bags started to get tossed around and let's just say that no tot or senior will be trying out for the UO football team but there was sure a lot of laughter. It was so heart warming to see how much happiness was in those Happy Helpers rooms.


Saturday we went to Lone Oak Assisted Living for a little Valentine's party. Amy, the activities corrdinator there, had lovingly made cookies and cupcakes and set a festive table.

We decorated while we chatted with the residents there. Let me tell you, people's personalities sure came out in their cookie decorating.


We had kids eat so much bright red frosting that they looked like they had lipstick on. Seniors that made the most lovely spiraling design on their cupcakes and others that were just excited to eat them. It was such a fun, sweet little activity.

There can be so many emotions at Valentine's Day so it's a great time to show a little extra love to those around you.

Beanbag How-to

There is some prep work for these but they do make a great group project if you're willing to do some sewing beforehand. 

Choose a sturdy fabric. We did denim and utility fabrics. Cut to size including seam allowance. Our bean bags were about 5" by 6" which felt good in the kids hands. Sew (or fold in half then sew) around all but a substancial opening at the top. Apply a piece of double adhesive permanent fabric tape. Just make sure not to get the stuff for hemming that's removable since we need it to be a strong solid hold. 

Then bring them to the service project along with a few unsharpened pencils and lots of beans. Instruct people to turn the bean bags right-side out and poke the corners with the pencils to help them get into form. Make sure the side with the tape is turned under. Pour beans in to fill it about half full. Peel back the covering on the tape and press to close.


Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's a great one for you and that you're able to make it more LOVEly for someone else too!