Random Acts of Kindness

Simple Service- Random Acts of Kindness-Leave Coins at the Kiddie rides in the Mall

I think it is important to do Random Acts of Kindness every now and then. I think giving children opportunities to serve others and show special acts of kindness will help teach them to think of others and derive joy from generosity.

We practice many, everday small acts of kindness such as sharing toys, taking turns, holding the door open, smiling at others, etc. However, sometimes we sit down together and talk about an extra special act of kindness we could do.

This time, we decided we wanted to leave coins at kiddie rides in the mall. Carter, my son, decided we should leave a note too! So we cut hearts out of construction paper and he wrote kindness messages on them. We taped quarters onto the notes and we were ready to go!


We drove to the mall and Carter was so excited to leave the special notes and coins on the rides. This was a good lesson showing that we can be nice to others, and show them kindness without expecting anything back.


Children learn what they live! I hope by doing things like this, my children will develop a habit of simple, everyday kindness that will one day grow into great compassion and thoughtfulness for the people around them.