Simple Service: Thank You's

There will always be people to serve and ways to serve them year round, but there's something about this time of year that tugs at us all to go even further and find ways to give to those around us who may be affected by all the celebrating in more difficult ways.

One way I thought would be fun to serve was to take "Thank You's" to those who have to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas. So on Thanksgiving day the girls made some cards and picked out some random treats to take to the fire station, police station, and hospital.


First stop was the local fire station. Their cute little cousin also got to come along.

"Thank you for taking fires out"

"Thank you for taking fires out"

There were a few men there, ready to go as soon as a call would come. They were so happy for the cards and treats that they let us come in and tour a fire truck! It was a highlight for sure.


Then we went to the police station, but found that the front desk area was closed for the day (good for them!) but we could see the lights were on in the back where dispatch workers were still busy. So instead of doing something delinquent to get the attention of a cop, we decided to leave the cards and treats in the window where workers would find it later on.

"Thank you for catching bad guys!!!"

"Thank you for catching bad guys!!!"


Last stop was the hospital where we decided to go to the ER front desk, the place that never sleeps.

"Thank you for taking care of us."

"Thank you for taking care of us."

They were so genuinely happy about the little gift that it made me want to go everywhere I could giving out treats!


We plan to do this on Christmas as well. And this next time I think we'll tack on some "thank you's" to workers at the grocery store and movie theater as well! 

Happy Holidays and THANK YOU to those who sacrifice their time away from family so that the rest of us can be with ours. Your selflessness does not go unnoticed!

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