Simple Service: Pledge to help a school reach its Box Tops goal!

Being a homeschool parent, I do not hear much about the Box Top program. I recently saw a request for Box Tops in our local community newsletter, so I became curious to find out more! I learned that each Box Top is worth 10¢ and your school of choice can use the cash to buy whatever it needs. There are collection drives set up where you can choose to donate Box Tops to your child's school, a school in your area, or find a drive that resonates with you. I was very interested in choosing a specific goal set by a school to contribute to such as playground equipment, music program, etc.


Visit the website to search for collection drives: https:/

1. Search for a collection drive that you'd like to support. You can enter in your zip code to see your local schools.

2. Pledge the amount of Box Tops you would like to contribute for the school year.

3. A custom collection sheet is available to download to keep track of your Box Tops. Once you reach your pledge goal mail the Box Tops to your school of choice.

Once I explained Box Tops to my 5 year old son, he was excited to start searching for the Box Tops we already had in our house. "I got one!" Carter exclaimed as he ran to the kitchen table to cut it out. Once we ran out of Box Tops at home we decided to continue the scavenger hunt to the grocery store!

While grocery shopping Carter had a great time looking for that special label and we tried to switch out products when we could.

Carter really enjoyed collecting the Box Tops and he loved picking out what school goal we are helping with!


Schools have earned over $800 million! Box Tops can be found on hundreds of products throughout the grocery store and online. Visit the website for more info.

Sometimes big goals like buying playground equipment, may not seem like it could be something a child could help with. This program creates that oppurtunity!