Spotlight on Service: Tessa raised money for Hurricane Maria relief efforts!

Tessa is a local Eugene seven-year-old who decided to spend her day off of school helping others.

She has been fairly concerned about the kids in Puerto Rico who are still out of electricity, who still do not have adequate food and water, and who cannot go to school. She wanted to do something for them.


She decided to have a bake sale to raise money to donate to Save the Children: Hurricane Maria Children’s Relief Fund. Her family chose this organization because they wanted to help kids specifically (Tessa said, “it’s kids helping kids!”). They also liked that this organization only needs 10% of donated funds for operational costs.

She spent the weekend baking cookies, making signs, and practicing counting change. Tessa baked 166 cookies all by herself. Her parents advertised on Facebook. She brought the cookies to her parents’ business and set up a stand. She asked for a $1 minimum donation per cookie, but she said that people were very generous and some even donated $20. She earned $446.84 the day of the sale and then received an extra $180 in donations the following day!


Tessa gave some tips for other kids who might want to do a similar type of project:

· Find a business lobby that would be willing to host it. Not very many people pass her house, so she knew that she needed a different location.

· If cookies break while you’re driving to the bake sale, use those cookies to give out as free samples. She sold even more because of the free samples she gave out.

· Make at least two different kind of cookies because a lot of people like to buy one of each. She made three types of cookies and felt that people liked the options.

Tessa told me that doing it was “kind of in the middle of fun and hard”. It was fun because she knew she was helping children that needed it, but it was also a lot of hard work talking to that many people while she was selling it.


Way to go, Tessa! We’re so proud of the work you put in for kids across the country!