Simple Service-Offering a Helping Hand

I was on the phone with my Mom the other day and she mentioned that she was busy stacking wood with my Dad. I offered to help and told her we would be over in a few minutes. When I told Carter, my 5 year old, what we were doing he asked, why?

I realized this was not only a great project, it was also a very important teaching moment. We do various community service projects to help others and we discuss why. However, maybe I missed showing him a very simple way to reach out is to offer a helping hand to family and-or neighbors. Giving doesn't always require an elaborate event or destination. Showing your child how to give can be as easy as offering help when someone mentions that they are working on a project or trying to complete chores at home. "Can I help?" Pretty powerful words to show someone you care!

Carter was happy to help and spend time with his grandparents. He learned he was helping them prepare for the winter months when it gets very cold and they need to make a fire in their woodstove.


Carter had so much fun unloading the wood and learning how to stack it in the most efficient way; his little brother Sawyer had to join in on the fun.


Teaching children how to give by giving something priceless-time & energy, I believe helps them grow into loving members of our world.


We saw Grandma the next day and the first thing Carter asked was, "Do you need help with stacking wood today?"

Heart melted.