Simple Service: Valentine Placemats for Community Breakfast

Four weeks ago, Savannah, who started the nearby group Small Town Superheroes introduced her group to us. This month, she’s going to tell us a little about how she’s gotten her group more involved in local community service. Take it away, Savannah:

Small Town Superheroes started out the month being library helpers. The kids had fun dusting and even brought books to donate! While there, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Library let me know that our community has a breakfast once a month and they have place mats that needed decorating. One of the moms of our group had a great idea to include Valentine cards too.

We set up a play date for this project and brought stickers, crayons, markers, foam shapes, etc to decorate the place mats. For the cards we cut card stock out in small pieces for the kids to decorate one side and we will attach a piece of heart shaped chocolate to each card. While they crafted we talked with them about the project. We explained that the place mats we were decorating will give the community members something beautiful to look at while they eat. The Valentine cards are a surprise act of kindness; we want to give to make people smile and inspire kindness! My child and I discussed the ripple effect of kindness by trying out the science concept behind it. It is such a great experience to see these kids eager to help and work together as a team.

Thanks, Savannah! If you live in the Lowell area, be sure to check out her facebook page so you can be included with this fun group!