Spotlight on Service: Sorting Presents for Refugee Families

I recently spoke with Grant (6) and Madeline (9), two Denver-area kids who spent a day helping to sort presents and make cards for refugee families through their local Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountain Refugee and Asylee Program

Madeline told me that they first stopped at a store to buy supplies that the families needed such as diapers, laundry soap, and a large waste basket. They then headed to their church where there were various tables set up for each refugee family. While the adults were sorting the gifts for each table, the kids went to work making welcome cards for the families.

Grant told me on the phone, "My note on the back was 'Best Christmas on earth and Best New Year'."

 Madeline described her experience, saying, "At first I was a little grumpy because I didn’t have enough sleep - it was just one of those weekends - and then I got there and started feeling better and I knew we were helping someone". 

When asked if she thought other kids would enjoy activities like this, Madeline said, "Yeah I think that’d be fun for them to bring in toys and books for other refugee kids and stuff like that."

Looking for ways that your Little Hands Can volunteer to help refugees? If you live in Eugene, check out opportunities on the Refugee Resettlement Program website.  Outside of the area? Contact your local refugee coalition to get started!