Spotlight on Service: Small Town Superheroes

We'd like to give a warm welcome to our new blogger, Savannah. Take it away, Savannah!

Small Town Superheroes is a newly formed group of parents, inspired by Little Hands Can, focused on providing opportunities for our little ones to become involved in philanthropy and spreading kindness in our local community (the Lowell/Pleasant Hill/Jasper/Dexter, OR area). We do this through fun and educational group community service projects.

As of November, when our group started, we have had a food drive benefiting our local food pantry, delivered a thank you card and treats to our fire station, and we stopped by our library to sing carols and hand out candy canes as a thank you to all of the volunteers that run the library.

We talk to our children about the importance of being kind, showing appreciation and helping out. We believe volunteering teaches compassion, empathy, tolerance, gratitude, and community responsibility.

In the new year, we are excited to include more hands on projects, such as a park clean up. We also hope to inspire more families to join us! Contact me for more information (