Summer Service List

School’s out!  Or it will be very soon. How are you feeling about this summer?  Excited for the kids to be home more or nervous for when they start using the “b” word?  “Mom, I’m bored!,” ring a bell to anyone?  We’ve compiled a whole list of ways to help others out this summer that should wipe that “b” word out of their vocabulary.

Fun outdoors

Gardening: Come to an event at Grassroots Garden which grows food for Food for Lane County.  Check out this event recap from last year's event at Grassroots Garden for a preview of what we'll get to do there this year.  If you’re not free on Friday mornings, donate the extra produce from your own garden to a local homeless shelter like Eugene Mission.      

Playground Wash: Never heard of a playground wash before?  It's like a car wash but instead of cars, you're washing playground equipment.  We've teamed up with the MOMs Club of Eugene and the City of Eugene Park Stewards for two fun superhero-themed playground washes this summer.  Wear your favorite superhero costume (optional) and use your super powers to make the playground sparkling clean!


New friends: With summer break often comes new kids in the neighborhood.  Invite a new neighbor for a backyard play date or to ride bikes in the neighborhood.  Give them the inside scoop on school, nearby parks, and fun places around town to go.

Sidewalk chalk: Delight a neighbor who's been sick or a friend coming home from vacation or a new family moving into the neighborhood with their very own sidewalk chalk art, like we did for a friend's birthday.  

Pick up garbage: Stash an extra plastic bag in your car (and some tongs) and while you're out for a walk or to play at the park you can pick up the litter along the way.  Easy service that doesn't take any extra time and might even get those little legs to go a little farther than they normally would.  


Fun run: Spend the summer training for a race as a family.  Make sure to pick one that benefits a charity that you support and it'll be a fun service experience as well as a motivator to get off the couch and exercising this summer!

Stay cool inside

Library: We've partnered with Springfield Public Library this summer to bring you several service events at the library.  Come for the summer reading kick-off, finale, or special events in between.

Make a flower wreath and visit "the wise":  Remember Kelli's post where she and Addie made gorgeous paper flower wreaths and delivered them to their local senior center?  Seems like the perfect summer project when it gets too hot to be outside. 

Help keep the house clean:  Use your natural spray cleaner from the Earth Day themed story time we did at the Springfield Public Library or make your own using equal parts water and vinegar and a few drops of essential oil (we used lemon+eucalyptus or lavender+tea tree but really the vinegar and water do a fine job by themselves). 

And for the ultimate boredom buster, send those kids off to Kindness Camp!  We'll be hosting Kindness Camp at Old School Eugene August 15-19.  

For last year's summer service round up, click here.  One of our favorites from the list was handing Popsicles out on a hot day.


So often the fun things we like to do in the summertime can be turned into service opportunities with just a little creativity.  Hope you find fun ways to help others this summer!