Serving Our Mothers: Especially for Kids (FREE PRINTABLES & Simple Gift Idea)

Did you see the article about us in the Register Guard today?  Love it!

This post is meant especially for kids.  Throughout the post there are printable that can be copied off and filled out to give to mom on Mother’s Day.  Many thanks to Anna at The Smell of Roses for the beautiful clip art.

Hey kids!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8 this year.  It’s a great time to show your love for your mom through service.

Why help your mom?  She does a lot to help you!  Can you think of some ways that your mom helps you?  Print off the sheet below and write some ways that your mom helps you.  Does she help you with your homework?  Cook you dinner?  Give you a hug when you’re feeling sad?

Why does she help you so much?  Because she loves you!  And I bet you love her too!  Why do you love your mom?  Print off the sheet below and write some reasons why you love your mom.

How can you be kind to your mom?  Here are some ideas to get you started:
Tell her “thank you”
Tell her “I love you”
Help her with a daily task like sweeping the floor or folding the laundry. Better yet do it without her knowing it was you

Now you think of some ways that you can serve your mom.  Print off the sheet below and write some ways you can help your mom, both in what you say and what you do.

Now to finish off your booklet, print the sheet below and color a picture of you and your mom. This will go on top of your other sheets you printed off. Staple them all together along the top of the page and give it to your mom on Mother’s Day.

Looking for an easy gift idea to go along with this booklet?  How about making her body wash?  You’ll find all the directions you need below.  

First collect all of the supplies.  Here’s what it takes to fill one 16oz. Bottle:
⅓ cup castile soap
2 TB almond oil
½ tsp vitamin E (or squeeze out a few capsules)
1 TB aloe vera
1 big drop lavender essential oil

(A note on the supplies: Really all you absolutely need is castile soap and a container to dilute it in.  Feel free to play with the other ingredients based on what you have and what you want in it the body wash.)

Place everything in the tub or the kitchen sink or somewhere else to make cleanup easier.  Put a funnel (if you have one) in the top of the bottle and add all ingredients listed above.  Fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water.  Put the lid on tight and shake gently until everything looks blended together.  

A simple gift and meaningful card for mom.  Don't forget to be extra nice to your mom on Mother's Day!

The body wash also makes a great baby present. We paired it with a towel and signed card from our Board of Directors for one of our favorite volunteers and her new baby boy.   It's our new favorite body wash at home too.  Hope you enjoy!