Simple Service: Community Renewal Event

Service Project: Participate in a community renewal event with your community services district

Prep time: None

Cost: Free

Duration: Totally up to you!

Lesson(s) learned: When you participate in a community renewal event hosted by your community services district, not only does it benefit the environment but also all the members of the community!  

How we did it:

Our family continues to do various activities related to Earth Day, which was April 22nd. Last week we posted about our fulfilling experience picking up garbage while on a walk. Addie really had a great time doing it and it made us feel so good inside to clean up outside! This week we decided to tackle a slightly larger effort aimed at bettering our environment. We turned to our wonderful, local community services district for some inspiration.

Many community services districts provide fantastic locations and amenities to the community. From playgrounds to parks to swimming pools, they provide facilities that help bring the community together. Annually, or more frequently, they hold community renewal days. These projects can range from picking up garbage in local parks to planting trees to spreading bark in landscaped areas.

We participated in an event that had us, and about 100 other volunteers, spreading bark in all the landscaped areas around the community center and park. There was so much bark that they were moving it around with forklifts! We knew we were going to get dirty so we pulled our hair back (not my husband!), put on work clothes and grabbed our gardening tools! Addie wore a t-shirt that appropriately said, “Everything grows with love.” It sure does!

We headed off towards a corner that had a large mound of bark that hadn’t been touched yet.

Addie got down to business the second we arrived at the pile of bark. She brought all of her gardening tools and selected her powder blue spade as an appropriate shovel. I could almost hear the song Eye of the Tiger playing in the background as she worked away!

Luckily her dad brought a large shovel to help with the bark distribution.

I was excited that we picked this corner because it was at the entrance to the community Teen Center. Addie’s brother, Alex, used to go there when he was a teenager. Maybe someday Addie will go there, too.  

Look at all those volunteers! It felt great to be a part of an effort that allowed us to give back to our community!

Addie’s blue spade seemed to be her tool of choice throughout the morning. 

Mission accomplished! We spread bark all around the Teen Center. Look at how happy they are!

After we finished our volunteer service, we decided to let Addie play at the park. We were spreading bark not fifty feet from it so it seemed only right to let Addie enjoy some play time.

By participating in these projects, you teach your children to be good stewards of the community. As we demonstrated in our last Simple Service Project, your children can continue to model this throughout the year by bringing a small trash bag and tongs during family walks. When they encounter trash, encourage them to pick it up and dispose of it. This will surely make your children feel proud of keeping their community clean and instill the importance of not littering.

We loved doing something positive for our environment and our community.

Have fun with your community renewal project! 

Kelli worked in the technology industry for 20 years before taking time off to raise her daughter. She has an 18 year old son and a 2 year old daughter that have taught her how to appreciate every moment with them.

Thanks, Kelli!  What a great project to bring the community together doing service in your town!  Locally, Little Hands Can just combined efforts with the City of Eugene Park Stewards to mulch trees along the Willamette.  And this summer we are excited to join forces with Moms Club of Eugene as well as City of Eugene Park Stewards again to clean up some playgrounds, super-hero style.