Simple Service: Tree Mulching & Home Helpers (Event Recaps)

Today Madeline shares with us a little about last week's events. Haven't met Madeline yet? You'll be seeing her at our upcoming events so keep a look-out for an awesome volunteer with a sweet smile.  

This past week Little Hands Can celebrated Arbor Day with two different activities, tree mulching and learning about conservation! 

Children and their families got to come together and work side by side with other groups from the community, like the local Boy Scout group, members of the city’s Parks and Open Spaces department, and the riverfront habitat team to mulch trees in the Maurie Jacobs City Park.

Did you see the article in the newspaper about the event? 

Mulching is important to the tree growing process because it helps to retain water, helps to keep weeds away, insulates the soil so there are fewer fluctuations in temperature, and reduces lawn mower damage. 

Also, we had an event where the children got to learn about conservation at the Springfield library and then learn how to make environmentally friendly household cleaning products.

The kids alongside their parents got to sing songs, play games and listen to stories about how to keep our world clean and healthy and then were able to make a cleaner that they could take home to help their parents clean their homes with. Below, they're coloring labels to stick on their new spray cleaner bottles.

If you didn’t get a chance to come out to these awesome events, teach your kids about the importance of conservation. You could even work with them to mulch the trees around your yard or in your neighborhood and you could make environmentally safe cleaners, by adding equal parts of vinegar and water together and a few drops of essential oil (we used lemon+eucalyptus or lavender+tea tree), to clean your house without any of the harsh chemicals that store bought cleaners contain. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to our events and we hope to see you all again soon!

Madeline is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying Human Physiology and hopes to go into Pediatrics. She loves every chance she gets to work with kids and to learn from them.