Simple Service: Puppet Show

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Service Project: Puppet show for a sick sibling or friend

Prep time: none

Cost: FREE

Duration: 20 minutes (we spent about 15 minutes making puppets and 5 minutes putting on the show but your kids might want to spend more time on either or both parts)

Lesson(s) learned: People who aren’t feeling well could use some extra love and attention.

How we did it:
Stomach flu, hand foot mouth disease, regular flu, colds.  Something about the end of winter just seems to bring out the nastiest bugs.  It seems like everyone we know just came down with something and now the illnesses are making the rounds among family members.

This week at Little Hands Can we’re highlighting two ideas to cheer up the sick people in our lives, whether it be siblings, friends, or neighbors.  First off is putting on a puppet show.  

You can really do this however you want.  Have some hand puppets already?  Use them.  Want to make elaborate paper bag puppets?  Go for it!  Need a simple project to do with your kid?  Read on.  

We happened to have a bunch of popsicle sticks and construction paper around so that’s what we used.  I explained briefly to Ruby that we were going to put on a puppet show and gave some ideas on possible puppets and then set her loose.  

This girl loves to cut and glue so it was the perfect project for her and she had lots of ideas for puppets for us to make.  She came up with some great puppets.  Then we talked about possible plots for a puppet show.  

Soon we were ready for the performance.  Some special helpers and I put a blanket across the crib rails to make a curtain and Ruby climbed into the crib while the rest of us sat back and enjoyed the show.  It was short, sweet and made our day.

If you have a sick, contagious friend this could also be done through the window.  How fun would that be to have your friends show up and put on a puppet show just outside your bedroom window while you’re sick in bed?  

Hope this sparked some ideas for how YOU can cheer up a sick friend!  And check back Wednesday for another post about cheering up the sick.  
May spring come soon and with it the end to all these icky illnesses!