Spring Service Ideas

It’s finally spring!!!  A few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure it would ever happen but the calendar says it’s so.  The trees are blossoming, daffodils are blooming, and I’ve even seen the sun peek out in the last few days; it must be spring.

Along with spring comes spring break.  Here in Eugene that’s happening right now.  I know up in Washington it will be coming up in a few weeks.  Whenever it happens in your neck of the woods, I’m guessing it’s on your kids’ minds now as they count down the days until they have a week of freedom.  So whether you want a fulfilling experience with your kids for spring break or just need to give them something to do to protect your sanity (let’s face it, we’ve all been there), we’re giving you some springtime service ideas for those kiddos today.

Let’s start with some Easter-specific ones since it’s less than a week away.  Scroll down for the general spring ideas.  And enjoy serving!

Easter Service Ideas

You've been egged!  Hide easter eggs in someone's yard for their very own easter egg hunt.  Isn't that a fun idea?  The photo above is from the Dating Diva's "You've been egged" post and includes lots of free printables so it would be really quick for your family to pull together and quite cute.  For more (good) "egging" inspiration, see The Clumsy Crafter and Living a Redeemed Life.

Easter Acts of Kindness Jar.  This idea from Happy Home Fairy has kids putting a bunny tail (cotton ball) in the jar for every act of kindness they do.  When the jar fills up, they all get a sweet treat.  See My Creative Stirrings for a similar idea.

Spring Service Ideas

Spring cleaning.  It's that time of year again.  Encourage your kids to help at home without being asked or help a neighbor or friend that could use the extra help.  You could even wash the outside of someone's windows anonymously.

Donate items to the local thrift store to help a good cause.  With all that spring cleaning, I hope there's some good purging going on and what better use for your belongings than to help a good cause?  See Kelli's posts (here and here) for her tips on how to do it..

Clean up a park.  Little Hands Can will be doing some fun playground (car) washes this summer but get a head start this spring whenever you see that sun peak through the clouds.  This is an easy one to do if you're going to the park anyways.  Pick up litter for a few minutes and then enjoy playing in a cleaned park.

Run for a cause.  See how Kelli's family did this here.

Randomly place candy to brighten someone's day.  We loved this happy idea from Creative Capital B.  Click through for the free printables and you'll be brightening random people's days in no time.

Plant a garden.  If you're already planning your own garden this year, add some extra crops specifically to donate to the local food banks.   They love, and rely, on fresh produce donations.  I haven't met a kid yet who doesn't love digging in the dirt for a good cause.

Read to younger kids.  This one is for your older kids on spring break that need something to do.  The littles will love the extra one-on-one attention and your older kids get reading practice.

Make dinner for a friend who could use a day off.  There are lots of easy dinners that kids can help make, just check Pinterest.  Cook up enough for an extra family as well as your own and drop it off to them.  I'm sure we could all think of someone who could use a meal. whether they have a new baby, are getting over an illness, or just seem a little more stressed than usual.

Make dog treats and pass them out to homeless you see with their pets.  Here's another idea where a quick search on Pinterest will yield lots of dog treat recipes that you and your kids can make together and then keep in the car to pass out as needed.

Come to a Little Hands Can event.  Tie blankets, mulch trees, learn about conservation, or plant a garden, all for great causes.  Come serve with us!

Hope this inspired your own ideas for spring service!  
And we hope to see you and your family at an event soon!