Simple Service: Treats for your local Fire Fighters

Service Project: Deliver treats to your local fire station

Prep time: None

Cost: $3 (plus any costs for the treats)

Duration: 45 minutes (if you’re making treats rather than purchasing them)

Lesson(s) learned: Showing appreciation for those that keep us safe

What you will need:
See Shamrock Handprint project 
Green serving tray ($1 at a dollar store)
Green candy ($1 at a dollar store)
Shamrock foam cut outs ($1 at a dollar store)
Your favorite cookie recipe and supplies!
Green food coloring
Green sugar sparkles
(Yep, there’s most definitely a green theme happening here, again!)

How we did it:
Last week we showed you how much fun we had making Shamrock Handprints. Now, if you were REALLY paying attention to that project, you would have noticed that Addie completed four handprints but only delivered three.  Well, we were saving that fourth handprint for another super-special surprise.

Addie and I frequently drive by our local fire station. I talk to her about what fire fighters do and why they are so important to the community. We decided that they deserved a surprise visit from a two-year old admirer of theirs.

To show appreciation for all that our local fire fighters do for us, we decided to bake sugar cookies and deliver those, along with mints and a shamrock handprint to our local fire station.

We quickly got to work mixing up the sugar cookie batter. Addie really like putting all the measured ingredients into the bowl and mixing them around. We were so excited about getting to the fire station that we forgot to put green food coloring in the cookie batter. Oh well! They tasted great without it.

Here are our completed cookies. We topped them with frosting that we added green food coloring to and sprinkled the top with green sugar sprinklers. We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

We put the green mint candies and the green foam shamrock cutouts inside a tall mason jar. I took a black sharpie marker and wrote a message on the outside of the jar. How festive!

We drove down to our local fire station and delivered the treats to the fire fighters that were on duty. They were so appreciative of them! They hung Addie’s shamrock handprint right in the middle of their bulletin board! Addie kept saying, “Thank you for what you do.” She also told them, “Thank you for protecting us from fire.” It was adorable and I could tell that the fire fighters were thrilled to have a little visitor who shared their passion for serving the community.

At the end of our visit, the fire fighters awarded Addie with her very own Junior Firefighter hat and gold sticker badge. She was THRILLED!

It’s important to teach our little ones to show appreciation for those that dedicate their life to serving the community, such as fire fighters do. Addie may be too young to be a fire fighter but she’s not too young to give back to her community. This project provides an easy and fun way to do just that. 

Have fun with your firefighters!


Kelli worked in the technology industry for 20 years before taking time off to raise her daughter. She has an 18 year old son and a 2 year old daughter that have taught her how to appreciate every moment with them.