Simple Service: Donate DVD’s to Kid Flicks!

Service Project: Donate DVD’s to Kid Flicks

Prep time: None

Cost: The cost of shipping DVD’s

Duration: 1 hour (includes time spent at shipping location)

Lesson(s) learned: You can provide entertainment to hospitalized children even if you’re not with them

How we did it:

I recently came across this fantastic not-for-profit organization called Kid Flicks. Their website,, describes themselves as a “…not-for-profit organization that donates movie libraries of 100 assorted DVDs to Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Departments throughout the country.” What a fantastic and heartwarming idea! I’m thankful that Kid Flicks provides a service that, as they aptly state, “…helps children cope with what may be a painful and scary experience.”

Kid Flicks’ website is very child-friendly, so I would encourage you to sit down with your child and explore the website with them. Doing this may help them connect the idea that the joy they get from watching a fun movie can easily be given to a child in need.

Kid Flicks accepts movies with a G, PG or PG-13 rating. They will only accept DVD’s that are in their original boxes. “Burned” DVD’s are not accepted. For more information on what they will accept, check out; and

My son, Alex, just turned 18. He will be moving out of the house shortly after he graduates high school, so I’ve been boxing up things for him to take with him. About a year ago, we boxed up at least 100 DVD’s for him to take. Alex decided to take those boxes out of storage and donate as many DVD’s as he could.

Alex had a lot of fun going through his DVD’s. It was like a trip down memory lane for both of us. I loved hearing him laugh every time he took a particularly memorable DVD out of his box. There were many DVD’s that I remember him watching over and over again. I’m sure he can still recite all the lines in those movies! 

Look at all the movies he is going to donate! Wow! Alex decided to give Kid Flicks 59 DVD’s! Since Kid Flicks donates a “movie library” consisting of 100 DVD’s to each Children’s Hospital, Alex just donated well over half of an entire movie library. Time to do a happy dance!

We boxed up the DVD’s and prepared them for drop off at our post office. Since Kid Flicks is a non-profit organization, they will mail you a receipt for your donation. Simply put a piece of paper inside the box that requests a receipt and includes your name and address. 

If you’re doing this with younger children that may be reluctant to let go of an old, beloved movie, you may want to revisit the reason why you’re donating movies.

Here’s some additional ways to collect DVD’s to donate;

-       Have your child leave a note on your neighbor’s doors explaining the service project that they are doing and ask them to deliver their DVD’s to your doorstep.

-       Have your child make a sign that you display at you or your spouse’s workplace. 

-       Encourage your child to talk with their teacher(s) to see if they can organize a classroom DVD-drive to collect DVD’s to donate.  

Alex had a lot of fun with this service project! I love how this project gives your child an opportunity to share something that has brought them joy with another child that could use some in their life.  

Have fun donating those DVD’s! 

Kelli worked in the technology industry for 20 years before taking time off to raise her daughter. She has an 18 year old son and a 2 year old daughter that have taught her how to appreciate every moment with them.