Learning About Service at Coburg Charter

Coburg Charter invited Little Hands Can to come to their Skill Days every Friday during February! It was so fun to teach a group of Kindergarten through second graders about friendship, kindness, and reaching out to those around us!

We started off the hour talking about friendship. The kids talked about what being a good friend means and how they can be good friends. A topic that frequently came up was kindness. The kids had great ideas about how they can be kind.

I told them that we were going to read a story about a girl learning how to be kind. One little girl looked at me with a funny scowl and said, "How can she not know how to be kind? Doesn't everyone know that?" I tried not to chuckle as I explained that even though we might all know how to be kind, sometimes we forget to be kind. She said, "I NEVER forget to be kind!" What a cutie!

I told the class that I even sometimes forget to be kind and most of the other students agreed that they sometimes forget as well. I then read them the story The Braids Girl by Lisa McCourt. The kids really enjoyed the pictures and hearing about the girl. Occasionally I asked them questions about the girls in the story and they were very excited about telling me what they thought would happen.

We then made first aid kits for the Eugene Mission. Each kid got to write a special note to put inside. They each chose different sweet things to write and were happy to report what they'd done. "I wrote 'Happy Valentine's Day!'" "I drew a rainbow!" "I wrote that I hope they have a great day!"

We then played a silly game called "Wipe that Smile Off Your Face". The way the game works is that one kid is allowed to smile, but everyone else is supposed to remain serious. Kids learn very quickly that when one person is smiling at them, they want to smile as well! The kids then discussed how that's true even when we aren't playing a silly game!

Beautiful artwork retrieved  here

Beautiful artwork retrieved here

To spread some more love/friendship, each kid made a Valentine for the office staff at the school. A lot of them wrote notes like, "Thank you!" and "Have a great day!"

At the end each child received a "kindness journal" to decorate and write in. At the front, they glued in a note that said:

This is my kindness journal. I write in it when I:
notice that a family member is being kind,
notice that a friend is being kind,
notice that a stranger is being kind,
or notice that I am being kind.
A person is kind when they are a good friend, listen to others, are affectionate, have good manners, or help someone in need.

They get to keep their journals and write in them whenever they want. Each week we'll be discussing what they have written!

Thanks to Coburg Charter for giving us an opportunity to work with your sweet students!

Would you like Little Hands Can to come to your school, club, camp, or other event? Contact us!

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